Halmi Performance Consulting is a woman-owned business specializing in increasing an organization’s success through executive coaching and facilitation of leadership development skills. Our passion is increasing women’s success in business through coaching and development.

Accelerating Diverse Women’s Leadership.

Our pioneering program, Platinum Exchange, is a high impact program designed to help develop and retain high-potential women. This leadership development and coaching program helps women:

  • Become stronger leaders
  • Improve their managerial effectiveness
  • Increase their business savvy and confidence
  • Learn relevant, action-oriented skills they can use to add value immediately

And when you consider that …indextwowomen

  • Companies with the most women on their top management teams had better financial performance than did the group with the fewest women …
  • Women purchase 83% of all products and services in the U.S.

then it makes good business sense to attract, retain and help women in your organization succeed.

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