Team Development

Team Development and Team Coaching

Team development is a frequently overlooked aspect of business.  A group of highly successful individuals may not live up to their potential because they haven’t mastered the challenges of teamwork.

An executive team at a successful company was doing well, but there was something missing.  After a series of interviews and a team assessment, we discovered that there was a perception from the rest of the company that they weren’t working well together and this was having a negative impact on the company.  It was a typical situation of a company doing well that could be doing even better with effective team development.

We planned a full-day off-site meeting to resolve the issues.  Using the team development framework from “5 Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni, the team built trust and worked on healthy conflict.  We tackled real business issues and were able to draw on the collective knowledge of all of the members, working in a way that they weren’t able to in the past.  There was a significant impact on how they worked together, which cascaded through-out the organization, resulting in better business results.

In another company, there was a lack of management bench strength.  They realized that team coaching was a cost-effective method to increase management skills.  High-potential managers were selected to join the group and meet monthly for two hours to discuss specific leadership topics selected by the company.  Impacts include leadership growth of the individuals, and also more cross-functional work across the organization, solving actual business problems in real-time.

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“Kerrie’s coaching, facilitation and real world corporate exercises dramatically improved my executive team’s trust, collaboration and accountability. These (team development) courses have resulted in true financial performance improvements.”

-Chae Lee, Senior Vice President, Maxim Integrated Products