Platinum Exchange Testimonials

“Never imagined how much my life would change because of the Platinum Exchange program.  Over the six months, I met an incredible group of intelligent, talented women who were going through the same challenges with their careers that I faced.  We supported each other as we broke through fears, took career enhancing action and gained more confidence throughout and after the program.  My career has improved dramatically, from understanding how to work with different people, to understanding how to be the owner of my own success. This is an experience I will never forget!” — Lan Haarmann, Head of WW Business Operations, Pivotal Software

“This program has been invaluable for building personal and professional networks. It provides a supportive environment for women to continue to improve their leadership capabilities, as well as achieve their life goals.” — Nina Dobner, Senior Director, Electronic Arts

“Here in the SuccessFactors Engineering team we have been delighted that the Platinum Exchange Women in Leadership Program provides an excellent environment for our female software engineering managers to learn from experienced business leaders, gain objective mentoring, establish contacts with other women leaders in similar circumstances across a variety of industries, and improve their grounding and overall effectiveness in leading their engineering teams. Because the participants are our leaders, our whole organization benefits, not just the individual program participants.” — Adam Kovalevsky, Executive Vice President SuccessFactors/SAP Engineering

“The Platinum Exchange program has been instrumental to boosting my confidence in public speaking. I utilized what I learned in the workshops and the coaching to get up on stage and speak to more than 800 people.” — Kamini Dandapani, Director, LinkedIn

“Since joining Platinum Exchange, I was given a high-visibility assignment—which fulfilled one of the goals that I had set for myself. Platinum Exchange, with its discussions, coaching and assigments, helped me to make this happen.” — Vice President, eBay

“Platinum Exchange has helped me a lot. The program has been exactly what I needed at this point in career…transitioning into a broader role. The program has helped me explore what direction I want to take, clarify my abilities and increase my confidence.” — Senior Regional Sales Manager, Cypress Semiconductor

“With the help of the class, I managed to understand where I wanted to go and the coaching helped me to get confident and take the next step.  I actually got promoted just a few months after I finished the program.  I use the lessons learned from the class in my day-to-day job” — Jenny Lundberg, Senior Director, SAP Labs

“In October 2011 I joined Platinum Exchange’s program. I was unsure as to what I was going to learn from the program and from the first session all the way through to today I am still learning thanks to the program. This program is unlike other leadership programs that I attended in the past. It was a wonderful experience to be in the company of professional working women (mostly who were mothers as well) and to see that the majority of us were struggling with the same issues. Kerrie broke the course down into several sections which all culminated together and demonstrated how we all have the ability within ourselves to be successful and with a few newly learned tools in our tool kit we could stay there. I would strongly recommend this program to other women, it is a tremendous networking opportunity and not only does it help you think differently about yourself, but it enables you to think about others differently as well, which makes everyone better off in the long run.” — Paula Delaney, Vice President, VMware

“Platinum Exchange has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my professional goals. Through the program, I gained a deeper understanding and comfort level with my leadership style. The learnings and skills developed have stayed with me long after the program ended. I’d highly recommend Kerrie’s leadership courses and coaching sessions.” — Stacy Leier-Valentine, Managing Principal, Consumer Financial Services

“Platinum Exchange has helped me a lot. The program has been exactly what I needed at this point in my career–transitioning into a broader role. The program has helped me explore what direction I want to take, clarify my abilities and increase my confidence.” — Jackie Olson, Vice President, Protomed Engineering

“The networking component was great, and the monthly topics relevant regardless of what line of business you may be in. I learned a great deal about myself and my business style, and continue to leverage several of the tools from the Program today. Thanks, Kerrie for a great experience!” — Cathleen Crowley, Senior Manager, Adobe