Halmi Performance Testimonials

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Kerrie’s coaching, facilitation and real world corporate exercises dramatically improved my executive team’s trust, collaboration and accountability. These training sessions have resulted in true financial performance improvements.”

– Chae Lee, Senior Vice President at Maxim Integrated Products

 “(Kerrie’s coaching) helped me better understand what my values, strengths, and areas of improvements are. I applied them to my new job and saw improvements very soon.”

Engineer and MBA student, Cisco Systems

“Kerrie’s facilitation played a huge role in soliciting honest feedback (during our Teambuilding retreat.)”

Director, Kaiser Permanente

“Kerrie is very skilled at helping me to identify key factors that are keeping the team from performing effectively, and coming up with ways to instigate change that benefit both the team and my own personal needs. As a coach, Kerrie was always friendly and upbeat, but also really challenged me to appreciate various perspectives and take on the hard issues. Kerrie always managed to find a perfect balance between giving suggestions for ways to deal with management issues and challenging me to come up with the ideas on my own. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

– Carolyn Marley, Director, Kaiser Permanente

“Kerrie is nothing short of amazing!”

– Participant in Claims department Teambuilding retreat.

“(This was) one of the most exciting programs I’ve attended.”

– Participant in Coaching for HR and Business Leaders at NCHRA.

“I definitely feel better about what I’m doing and have more confidence.”

– Lisa, Manager of Engineering

“I respect your opinion and I like the feedback you give to me. This coaching has been the single most important thing I’ve gone through (since transitioning from engineer to manager).”

– Brian Nakasone, Engineering Technical Manager

“Kerrie is a great facilitator – very relaxed yet professional, highly intelligent and sensitive to the needs of the group. The coaching model is very helpful. I plan to use it a lot. I liked the information on listening, recapping and action planning. I’m intrigued by the idea of using this in succession planning.”

– Lissa Minkin Marquez, eBay.

“Excellent facilitator …”
“It was a great meeting …”
“My move to this department was to enhance my career, and today demonstrates that I’m headed in the right direction.”

– Participants in Team Building workshop with Underwriting department at Camico

“Kerrie, you are good at what you do. More power to you.”
“I loved the examples.”
“Very useful and immediately applicable tools and information …”
“An insightful and engaging presentation that stimulated lots of thought and ideas …”
“I appreciate the opportunity for interaction.”
“Great job. Very informative.”

– Participants in “How to Succeed in Business …Without Being a Man” at Morgan Stanley

“We first offered the Coaching Clinic to our managers in 2002. Since that time, the communication that occurs between managers and employees has been more meaningful and beneficial. Not only are the annual performance review discussions more productive, but managers are finding time throughout the year to engage in “coaching moments” with their staff. These unplanned candid discussions cover topics from career planning to problem resolution to setting personal and profession goals. We look forward to more Coaching Clinics.”

– Stephen W. Dixon, Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services, CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company

“You’re been wonderful and amazing. I’ve kept our discussions at the top of my mind and think about (our coaching) all the time. What changed me and my interactions with my management team was your constant guidance and reminders on how to stay the course. I now feel armed for the next set of challenges.”

– Coaching client Tiffany Borodkin, Manager, Account Retention Unit, PacifiCare

 “As a result of the coaching, I am already seeing that my team management techniques have improved and I am getting positive feedback. The most positive aspect was the ability to voice my concerns and areas of improvement to get an objective assessment. Throughout the session, I was prompted for solutions to the issues I’ve raised – this is more gratifying than having the solution given to me.”

– Connie Chiu, Cisco

“I feel your questionnaire gave you good insight to my needs and you asked me insightful questions, so I could come up with answers to my issues, instead of just telling me what I need to do.”

– Lorri Salisbury, Nutritional Biochemist

“Your speech ‘How to Succeed in Business… without being a Man’ was very motivational and thought-provoking; the audience enjoyed it a lot.

– Howard Wang, Customer Engineering Team Lead, Adobe

“Quite possibly the best session I attended at this conference.  Kerrie gave me real information that I can apply right away; her group interaction was really cool.  Please have her back.”

 – Participant at NCHRA Annual Conference

“Kerrie is a very talented, enthusiastic and supportive coach. She truly connects with her clients,provides valuable insights and makes women feel empowered to take control of their destiny. She is a great task master and holds you accountable for your actions and goals, while providingcomplete support. Kerrie is a great mentor and gets deep satisfaction in helping others to achieve their objectives. I am very fortunate to have her in my life.

 – Courtenay Troxel, Marketing, Customer Reference and Publishing for Symantec

  “Usually classes I attend are reinforcing intuitive things.  This class was different.  I actually go back with new ideas that will help my professional career.”

 – Participant in Leadership Presence class at eBay

“Besides all the other great qualities, Kerrie is a great listener. What I admire the most and aspire to be like her one day, is how Kerrie helps her clients find the answers within. Kerrie has played a key role in my success. Above all, she is fun to work with”

 – Jag Randhawa, Vice President of IT and eCommerce, Camico

“Kerrie is an innovative, insightful businesswoman with great experience and perspective with which help, guide, and mentor others.”

– Wendy Millet, TomKat Ranch and Education Foundation