Manage This … Introduction to Communication

People at every level of business spend at least 75% of their time communicating, yet studies show that business communication fails to achieve its intended purpose at least 70% of the time. If a manufacturing process or software program had these statistics, senior management would recognize it as a crisis and respond immediately. However, while managers may cognitively understand how important communication is, few realize how difficult it is to execute properly, or appreciate the damage of not doing it correctly.

Further impeding the ability to improve communication is the fact that most people feel that communication problems are a product of others’ weaknesses. One study revealed that 93% of leaders think they’re effective communicators, while only 11% of their employees agree.

By focusing on improving communication skills you can make your organization more successful. A University of Michigan survey found that over a five-year period, companies with higher scores on information sharing had higher returns on investment and higher returns on sales than companies with low scores. Good communications will also enhance your career; it has been shown that the ability to communicate effectively has been judged by managers as the most critical skill in determining promotability.

There are two key skills that you can work on to improve your communication skills: first, listen effectively and try to understand different communication styles; second, focus on getting the correct message across. My next 3 e-zines will focus on each of these topics.

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